Index of 2023 PVUC Videos Online:

Service Date

Video Description

Service Jan1

Sermon – New Year’s Day – Rev Karen Smart

Anthem – VU#68 All Poor Ones and Humble – harm. E Routley

Service Jan8

Sermon – Baptism as an Epiphany – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Anthem – Welcome to Our World – C Rice

Service Jan15

Sermon – The AHA! Moments – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Anthem – Psalm 100 Make a Joyful Noise – Linnea Good

Service Jan22

Sermon –So – Do You Feel Called? – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Anthem – VU#509 I, the Lord of Sea and Sky (Here I am, Lord) – Daniel L. Schutte

Service Jan29

Sermon – Blessed Are we – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Anthem – May the Words of My Mouth – David Kai

Service Feb5

Sermon – “Four Ways To Think Of ‘Church’”– (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Anthem – A Heaven on Earth – Sally Deford

Service Feb12

Sermon – Is It Time for a Different Choice? – (Rev) Karen Smart

Anthem – Great Is the Lord – Jay Althouse

Service Feb19

Sermon – “The Letter Of Steven To The Pickering Villagers”
                         – (Rev) Dr. Steven Davis

Anthem – Gentle Voice – Susan Naus Dengler, Lee Dengler

Service Feb26

Sermon – “A Journey” – Mr. Robert Bennett

Anthem – Lord, I Stretch My Hands to You – Jay Althouse

Service Mar5

Sermon – “How Do You Handle Your Temptations” – John Bowman LLWL

Anthem – The King Of Love My Shepherd Is – John Ness Beck

Service Mar12

Sermon – “Loving Your Neighbour” – Helen Bowman

Anthem – Ten Thousand Reasons – arranged by Lloyd Larson

Service Mar19

Sermon – “Meditation” – Susan Pleasance LLWL

Anthem – A New Heart – Words and Music by Cindy Berry

Service Mar26

Sermon – The Story of Jesus and Lazarus – for seniors
                        – Rev David O. Jones

Anthem – Thou didst leave thy throne – T R Matthews

Service Apr2

Sermon –

Anthem –

Service Apr9

Sermon –

Anthem –

Service Apr16

Sermon –

Anthem –

Service Apr23

Sermon –

Anthem –

Service Apr30

Sermon –

Anthem –