Index of 2022 PVUC Videos Online:

Service Date

Video Description

Service Jan2

Sermon – Who Are We? And Whose Are We? – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Anthem – VU#68 All Poor Ones and Humble – Harm. E Routley

Service Jan9

Sermon – Follow that Star … – Rev Karen Smart

Anthem – To God Be the Glory – W H Doane

Service Jan16

Sermon – Why Wine? – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Anthem – I Feel the Winds of God – arr. R V Williams

Service Jan23

Sermon – And – Action! – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Anthem – VU#675 - Will Your Anchor Hold – W J Kirpatrick

Service Jan30

Sermon – Truth AND Consequences – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Anthem – VU#766 - As the Deer Pants for the Water – M Nystrom

Service Feb6

Sermon – The 60 Second Gospel – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Anthem – MV#83 – Let My Spirit Always Sing – J Marshall

Service Feb13

Sermon – Blessed Are the Poor – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Anthem – Those Who Wait on the Lord – arr. J L Bell

Service Feb20

Sermon – Two Wrongs Never Make A Right! – Rev Karen Smart

Anthem – VU#684 Make Me A Channel of Your Peace – B Pulkingham

Service Feb27

Sermon – The Difference Jesus Makes! – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Anthem – VU#399 God, Whose Love Is Reigning o’re Us

Lent 1
Service Mar6

Sermon – From Past Blessings to Future Thanksgiving – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Anthem – VU#556 Would You Bless Our Homes and Families – R Klusmeier

Lent 2
Service Mar13

Sermon – The In-Between Place – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Anthem – BoP#508 Your Word O God, Awoke the Uncreated – arr. D Davison

Lent 3
Service Mar20

Sermon – Pruned and Shaped – Rev Karen Smart

Ministry of Music – Piano Sonata No. 2 in A major – L Von Beethoven

Lent 4
Service Mar27

Sermon – Growing Up! – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Anthem – VU#282 Long Before the Night – arr. D Kai

Lent 5
Service Apr3

Sermon – Behold, I Make All Things New! – Rev Karen Smart

Anthem – VU#120 O Jesus, I Have Promised – J W Elliott

Palm Sunday
Service Apr10

Sermon – As One Journey Ends Another Begins – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Solo: Phil Cox – The Holy City – S Adams

Good Friday
Service Apr15


(Accompanied by: “Friday Lament” - Lucy Graham, 2000)

Easter Sunday
Service Apr17

Sermon – Nonsense with A Meaning – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Solo: Gary Falkner – I Walked Today Where Jesus Walked – G O’Hara

2nd Sunday of Easter

Service Apr24

Sermon – What Kind of Peace Are We Talking About? – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Anthem – VU#245 Praise the Lord with the Sound of Trumpet – N Sleeth

3rd Sunday of Easter

Service May 1

Sermon – The Lion Is A Lamb – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Anthem – VU#217 All Creatures of Our God and King – arr. R V Williams

4th Sunday of Easter Service May8

Sermon – Life As A Follower of The Lamb – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Anthem –VU#703 In the Bulb There Is a Flower

Service May15

Sermon – (Rev) Karen Smart – Living in the Transition Zone

Anthem – We are Living, We are Dwelling arranged by R Duck

Service May22

Sermon – – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Anthem –

Service May29

Sermon – – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Anthem –

Service Jun5

Sermon – – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Anthem –

Service Jun12

Sermon – – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Anthem –

Service Jun19

Sermon – – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Anthem –

Service Jun26

Sermon – – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Anthem –





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