Index of 2020 PVUC Videos Online:

Service Date

Video Description

Service Jan5

Sermon – Real Riches – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Anthem – Christmas Carols – arr. J Martin

Service Jan12

Sermon – Following In The Footsteps Of The Wise Men

                        – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Anthem – For God So Loved the World – B Chilcott

Service Jan19

Sermon – I Believe in You! – Rev Karen Smart

Anthem – I Will Sing Unto the Lord – J Martin

Service Jan26

Sermon – It’s Closer Than You Might Think – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Anthem – Great Is the Lord – J Althouse

Service Feb2

Sermon – It’s More Than Just A Mantra – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Anthem – Here is Bread, Here is Wine – G Kendrick

No Video Available

Service Feb9

Sermon – Don’t Tear Down – Build Up Instead! – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Anthem – God Is the Light – N Telfer

Service Feb16

Sermon – How Does Jesus Really Say You Should Live?
                         – Rev Karen Smart

Anthem – He Is The Rock – M Barrett

Black History Month

Service Feb23

Guest Speaker: Wesley Fuller – What Has God Done For Me?” –
                        Highlights of a Personal Journey

Anthem – 10,000 Reasons (Bless The Lord) – M Redman

Service Mar1

Sermon – The Good News About Original Sin – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Duet: Wes Fuller & Michele Kerkos –
            The King of Love My Shepherd Is – H R Shalley

Amnesty International

Service Mar8

Guest Speaker: Lee Chapelle

Anthem – Stand by Me – C A Tindley

Service Mar15

Sermon – The Many Worlds of a Christian – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Anthem – Sanctus – F Schubert

No Service

Service Mar22

Sermon – – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Anthem –

Online Service

Service Mar29

Sermon – How Deep Are The Depths? – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Palm Sunday

Service Apr5

Sermon – And Now Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Programming – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Soloist: Gary Faulkner – Call to Worship/The Majesty and Glory of Your Name by B George and J Chisum

Good Friday

Service Apr10

Reflection – The Crystal Cross – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Easter Sunday

Service Apr12

Sermon – You Have Seen the Lord – Rev Karen Smart

Soloist: Gary Faulkner – The Holy City – M Maybrick

Service Apr19

Sermon – The Pentecost Before Pentecost – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Service Apr26

Sermon – Follow the Road to Faith – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Soloist:  Michele Kerkos – Panis Angelicus – C Franck

Service May3

Sermon – Devotion Brings Dividends  – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Soloist:  Michele Kerkos – I Believe – M Miller

Service May10

Sermon – With Eyes of Wonder – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Soloist:  Michele Kerkos – Great is Thy Faithfulness – W M Runyan

Service May17

Sermon – Whispering Lyrics of Love – Rev Karen Smart

Soloist: Gary Faulkner – The Lord’s Prayer – A H Malotte

Service May24

Sermon – The Real Lord’s Prayer – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Service May31

Sermon – The Spirit Within Us – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Duet: Steven & Michele – I Love You Lord – L Klein

Service Jun7

Sermon – The Unity of the Trinity – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Soloist:  Michele Kerkos – The Lord’s My Shepherd ­– J S Irvine

Service Jun14

Sermon – Is Anything Too Wonderful for God? – Rev Karen Smart

Duet: Phil & Michele – Medley of Old Favorite Hymns

Service Jun21

Sermon – The Problem with Sitting on the Fence – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Soloist: Wesley Fuller – Teach Me Lord to Wait – G & B Gaither

Service Jun28

Sermon – Rewards Re-Defined – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Soloist:  Michele Kerkos – We Are Pilgrims – arr. B Pulkingham

Service Jul5

Sermon – Do Our Best – Trust God for the Rest! – Rev Karen Smart

Soloist: M Kerkos Piano: D Barber – Look at the World – J Rutter

Service Jul12

Sermon – – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Anthem –

Service Jul19

Sermon – – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Anthem –

Service Jul26

Sermon – – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Anthem –

Service Aug2

Sermon – – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Anthem –