Index of 2017 PVUC Videos Online:

Service Date

Video Description

Service Jan1

Sermon – The Story’s Prologue – Rev Karen Smart

Service Jan8

Sermon – Community Care – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Anthem – Lead Me Lord – S Wesly

Service Jan15

Sermon – Everything – But Not Much – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Anthem – By Our Love – L Pugh

Service Jan22

Sermon – Salt & Light Christians – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Anthem – Take It to the Lord In Prayer – J Koerts

Service Jan29

Sermon – What Can I Give, Myself! – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Anthem – Clap Your Hands – B Boertje

Service Feb5

Sermon – Our Part of the Covenant – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Anthem – Thy Kingdom Come – M Sirett

Service Feb12

Sermon – Make The Right Choice! – Rev Karen Smart

Anthem – Building On A Rock – L Spevacek

Service Feb19

Sermon – Getting the most out of going to church – Guest Speaker Wesley Fuller

Anthem – Stop By Lord – D W Bettis

Service Feb26

Sermon – Holiness, Enthroned and Encountered – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Anthem – Where Shall I Go? – T Broege

Duet by Sharon Zubrigg & Elizabeth Collins Dodge
                      – The Lord is My Shepherd – arr. D Agay

Lent 1

Service Mar5

Sermon – Telling the Devil to go to Hell – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Anthem – Building On A Rock – L Spevacek

Lent 2

Service Mar12

Sermon – Guest Speaker: Victoria Grant, President, Moving Red Canoe

Anthem – I Saw The Rich Ones (MV#127) – arr. M Stubbington

Lent 3 - Baptism

Service Mar19

Sermon – In Thirsty Times – Rev Karen Smart

Anthem – Blest Are The Pure In Heart – J Keble & R S Eaton

Lent 4

Service Mar26

Sermon – The Dirty Work of the Gospel – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Anthem – Once Upon A Tree – P Choplin

Lent 5

Service Apr2

Sermon – Finding Life in the Midst of Lent – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Anthem – Bread of Heaven – J Martin

Palm Sunday

Service Apr9

Sermon – From Coronation to Crucifixion – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Anthem – Blessed Is He – P Choplin

Maundy Thursday

Service Apr13

Sermon – The Privilege of Service – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Anthem – Do This in Remembrance of Me – P Choplin

Good Friday

Service Apr14

Choir Cantata – Once Upon A Tree – P Choplin

No Video Available!


Service Apr16

Sermon – Practical Resurrection – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Anthem – The Song Lives On, Hallelujah! – P Choplin

Service Apr23

Sermon – The Best Is Yet to Come – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Anthem – Christ Is Risen From The Dead (VU#167) – Hasidic Folk Melody

Service Apr30

Sermon – Listening to Our Own Story – Rev Peter Dahlin

Anthem – All in the April Evening – H S Roberton

Service May7

Sermon – The Best Shepherd – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Anthem – Because He Lives – S DeFord

Mother’s Day

Service May14

Sermon – Mother’s Dreams – UCW

Anthem – When I Honour You – Youth + Choir – R E Schram


Service May21

Sermon – Oh! What A Relief It Is! – Rev Karen Smart

Anthem – When the Lord Restored Zion – I Pugh

Service May28

Sermon – Finding Joy – Doreen Hallι

Anthem – Over My Head (MV#88) – S Lee

Service Jun4

Sermon – Empowered – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Anthem – Come, Oh Holy Spirit – R Klusmeier

Service Jun11

Sermon – Karanda – Dr Paul Thistle

Anthem – Rise, Shine, Little Light – S K Albrecht

Father’s Day
Service Jun18

Father’s Day Guest Speakers: Doug Brown, Bob Martindale, Gary Willert

Anthem – Walk Together Children/ I Got Shoes – arr J A Shafferman

Service Jun25

Sermon – The Halfway Christmas Sermon – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Anthem – What Does the Lord Require of You – J Strathdee

Service Jul2

Sermon – The Responsibilities of Freedom – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Duet – Wes Fuller & Dean Short – There’s A Quiet Understanding

–     How Deep The Father’s Love For Us

Service Jul9

Sermon – What Kind of Rest – Rev Karen Smart

Duet – Paul Blouin & Charlie Hill – In the Bulb, there is a Flower
– What a Friend We Have in Jesus
– How Great Thou Art

Service Jul16

Sermon – Even Withered Grass Comes Back – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Quartet – Mark, Freda. Blythe, Doug – Wonderful Words of Life

Duet – Mark, Blythe – How Beautiful

Service Jul23

Sermon – Jacob’s Thin Place – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Quartet – B Martindale, F Daniels,  M Kerkos, W Fuller

–     We Have Come Into His House – B Ballinger

–     These Are The Days of Elijah – R Mark

Service Jul30

Sermon – Three Keys to Prayer – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Flute Solo – Hannah Davis – Sonatina – Arr. K Wood

–     Machmad Levav – arr. Y Talmi

Duet – Keith Hillyard & Marion Fraser – Even In The Valley – R J Peck  

Service Aug6

Sermon – The Ultimate Extreme Wrestling Match – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Solo: Ellie Jeffery  – Affirming Lord’s Prayer – E Jeffery
 – Easy to be Hard – G Ragni
 – When He Cometh – W O Cushing

Service Aug13

Sermon – The Waves of Life – Rev Karen Smart

Anthem – ‘Tis So Sweet to Trust In Jesus – arr. P Keveren

Service Aug20

Sermon – Getting Off Life’s Ferris Wheel – Rev Karen Smart

Duet – Helen & Phil Cox – I’ll Fly Away – arr. A Potter
 – Dwelling In Beulah Land – C Miles
 – Little Brown Church in the Vale – W S Pitts
 – Showers of Blessing – J McGranahan

Service Aug27

Sermon – The Questions We Ask Are The Key! – Rev Karen Smart

Duet – Michele Kerkos & Freda Daniels

–     Trust & Obey – D Towner

–     I’ll Be A Sunbeam – E Excell

–     Sunshine In My Soul – E E Hewitt

–     The Lord’s My Shepherd – S Townend

Service Sep3

Sermon – Standing Firmly On Holy Ground – Rev Karen Smart

Solo – Fran Sancroft – God of the Bible – S Murray, T Alsonso
  – Come and Seek the Ways of Wisdom – D Kasholm

Service Sep10

Sermon – Why the Church Family Matters – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Anthem – There’s Something About That Name – W Gaither

Service Sep17

Sermon – On Forgiveness: A Faithful & Biblical Defination – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis
Introit – Peace Be Unto This Congregation – T Beck
Anthem – Away From the Roll of the Sea – A MacGillvray

Service Sep24

Sermon – That Wasn’t Quite What We Expected – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Anthem –

Service Oct1

Sermon – Reflections on Authority – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Anthem – Thy Kingdom Come – M Sirett

Service Oct8

Sermon – Giving Thanks for the Gift of Law – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Anthem – Be Present At Our Table, Lord – R Lau

Service Oct15

Sermon – The Gospel Struggle – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Anthem – God of Grace – K Getty & J Rea

Service Oct22

Sermon – What Are You Willing To Give To God? – Rev Karen Smart

Anthem – Down to the River to Pray – arr. S Curry

Service Oct29

Sermon – Becoming … – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Anthem – Arise and Sing – D & J Perry

Remembrance Day

Service Nov5

Sermon – The Hope of Eden Restored – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Anthem – The Gift of Love – arr. H Hopson

Service Nov12

Sermon – The Scott Mission – Guest Speaker: Trevor Smith

Anthem – The Irish Blessing – J Eilers-Bacak

Service Nov19

Sermon – That Time Between Awake And Asleep – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Anthem – I Was There To See Your Borning Cry (VU#644) – J Ylvisaker

Service Nov26

Sermon – – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Anthem –

Advent I

Service Dec3

Sermon – – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Anthem –

UCW Christmas

Service Dec6

Sermon – Angels in the Christmas Story – PVUC UCW

Anthem –

White Gift Sunday

Service Dec10

Sermon – – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Anthem –

Advent III

Service Dec17

Sermon – The Christmas Angel to Mary, Answering the Unanswerable
                         – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Anthem – Almost There – arr. M Sorrenson


Service Dec24

Sermon – The Christmas Angel to Joseph: God Has A Purpose For You                                        – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Anthem – Christmas Sanctus – L Dengler

Christmas Eve Family

Service Dec24 – 7PM

Sermon – – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Anthem –

Christmas Eve Communion

Service Dec24 – 11PM

Sermon – A Down To Earth God – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Anthem – How Quietly – J Raney

Service Dec31

Sermon – – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Anthem –