Index of 2016 PVUC Videos Online:

Service Date

Video Description

Service Jan3

Sermon – Yet Another New Beginning – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Anthem – Frankincense, Myrrh, and Gold – P Choplin

Service Jan10

Sermon – A Live Epiphany Event – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Anthem – Oh, A Song Must Rise (MV# 142) – P Svenson

Service Jan17

Sermon – The Still Waters of Baptism – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Anthem – If I Had Been To Bethlehem – S DeFord

Service Jan24

Sermon – With Jesus In The Centre – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Anthem – How Great Is The Miracle – S DeFord

Service Jan31

Sermon – How to Make A Difference When You’re Hiding –
(Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Anthem – Down to the River – S Curry

Service Feb7

Sermon – A Different Kind of Fishing – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Anthem – Hush! Hush! (MV# 167) – S Lee

Service Feb14

Sermon – Building the Bridge – Guest Speaker: Wes Fuller

Anthem – The Gift of Love – H Hopson

Service Feb21

Sermon – Enemy or Friend of the Cross? – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Anthem – City Called Heaven – J Poelinitz – Soloist: Ahlyssa Mundy

Service Feb28

Sermon – A Wide, Wide Welcome – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Anthem – Were You There? – J Raney

Service Mar6

Sermon – As Those With Authority – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Anthem – When the Wind of Winter Blows – African-American Spiritual

Service Mar13

Sermon – Refugees Welcome Here – Guest Speaker: Samantha Burdett

Anthem – I Saw the Rich Ones – P Mayberry

Palm Sunday
Service Mar20

Sermon – The Right Word At The Right Time – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Anthem – Ride On – D E Wagner

Good Friday
Service Mar25

Sermon – Different Crowns for the Same Purpose – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Anthem – He Was Wounded – A Vivaldi

Solo – The Crucifixion – Soloist: Emily Demerchant

Service Mar27

Sermon – The Unexpected – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Anthem – Alleluia, Christ Has Risen – P Liebergen

Service Apr3

Sermon – What’s So Special About Thomas? – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Anthem – Spirit, Open My Heart – Arr. A Clyde

Service Apr10

Sermon – In The Everyday Things of Life – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Anthem – Alleluia – traditional

Service Apr17

Sermon – Those Who Belong To Christ – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Anthem – All In The April Evening – H Roberton

Service Apr24

Sermon –  Guest Minister: Alan Rush

Anthem – The Irish Blessing – J Eilers

Service May1

Sermon – Understanding the Power of Love – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Anthem – Psalm 23 – H Goodall

Mother’s Day
Service May8

Presentation by Sunday School & Youth Group –

A Mother’s Day Look at Female Heroes of the Bible

Anthem by the choir ladies – Go Down Moses – Traditional

Service May15

No Video Available

Sermon – Hearing in Tongues – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Anthem – Come, Oh Holy Spirit – R Klusmeier

Service May22

Sermon – First Ladies – Women of the UCW

Anthem – I’m Gonna Shout, Shout – B Harding

Service May29

The service today is led by Spirit.Calm Praise Band

Rev. Karen Smart

Service Jun5

Sermon – What Glorifies God? – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Anthem – Oh, A Song Must Rise (MV#142) – P B Svenson

M&S Service

Service Jun12

Sermon – Trials of Job – Dr. Thistle

Anthem – The Lord Bless You And Keep You – J Rutter

Father’s Day

Service Jun19

Sermon – Father’s Day – Men’s Group

Anthem – Sing/Swing/Saints – Men’s Choir

Service Jun26

Sermon –Sometimes Silence Isn’t Golden – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Anthem – Spirit, Open My Heart – Arr. A Clyde

Service Jul3

Sermon – – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Anthem –

Service Jul10

Sermon – 5 Words to Reflect On and Remember – Rev Karen Smart

Anthem – From A Distance – Soloist: Ellie Jeffery

Service Jul17

Sermon – Why Better’? – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Anthem – Whispering Hope – Quartet: Michele Kerkos, Bob Martindale,
                                                       Dean Short, Pam Spense

Service Jul24

Sermon – Jesus and the Other Gods – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Anthem – Holy and Mighty – P Choplin & There is a Redeemer – M Green

Quartet: Christopher Barker, Elizabeth and Wesley Fuller, Blythe George

Service Jul31

Sermon – When Wisdom Fails – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Solo: Blythe George – How Lovely Is Your Dwelling Place – M Redman

Service All Aug & Sep 4 will be at St. Andrews!

Sermon –

Anthem –

Service Sep11

Sermon – The Christian Hope: Saved From or Saved For
 – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Anthem – Rise Up, Rise Up (MV#130) – L Good

Service Sep18 10:30 AM

Sermon – Say What? – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Anthem – A New Heart – C Berry

Covenanting Service
Service Sep18 1:00 PM

Sermon – Reach Out – Rev Phyllis Spencer

Anthem – On Eagles Wings – M Joncas

Service Sep25

Sermon – How to Use Wealth Wisely – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Anthem – Better Is One Day – M Redman

World Communion
Service Oct2

Sermon – Mustard Seed Faith – Rev Karen Smart

Anthem – My Soul Cries Out (MV#120) – R Cooney

Service Oct9

Sermon – A Lemonade Recipe – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Anthem – Sing to the Lord of Harvest – H Willan

Service Oct16

Sermon – When Thanks Are Not Enough – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Anthem – Fly Away Home – M McDonald

Service Oct23

Sermon – A Living God For A Living Church – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Anthem – Ride the Chariot – W H Smith

Anniversary Sunday
Service Oct30

Speakers: Bob Martindale, Marilyn Brewer, Sharon Zubrigg

Anthem – Jubilate Deo – M Praetorius

Service Nov6

Sermon – Rights and Responsibilities – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Anthem – In Remembrance – E Daley

Mission & Service
Service Nov13

Guest Speaker: Susan Sheremeta – With SCAW in Uganda

Anthem – Go Make A Difference (MV#209) – S Angrisano & T Tomaszek

Service Nov20

Sermon – Promises Made … Promises Kept! – Rev Karen Smart

Anthem – 10,000 Reasons (Bless the Lord) – M Redman

Service Nov27

Sermon –Preparing To Be Prepared – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Musical Guest Choir – Young Singers

Service Dec4

Sermon – A Call To Be Humble – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Anthem – Gaudete – S Hatfield

UCW Christmas
Service Dec7

UCW Christmas Service

Anthem – Little One Sleep – E Walters – Soloist: Michθle Kerkos

Service Dec11

Sermon – The Gifts We Can Give to the World – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Anthem – Mary Did You Know – M Lowry & B Greene

Service Dec18

Sermon – The Chosen Mother(s) – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Anthem – Unto US A Child Is Born – G Handel

Christmas Eve Family
Service Dec24 7pm

Church School Pageant – Night of Stars – adapted from C Berry

Anthem – Let Your Hearts Make Him Room – D Wagner

Christmas Eve Communion
Service Dec24 11pm

Sermon – How I Wonder – Rev Karen Smart

Anthem – Little One Sleep – E Walters – Soloist: Michθle Kerkos

Service Dec25

Sermon – God Gave  – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Anthem – Star of Bethlehem – J Williams