Index of 2015 PVUC Videos Online:

Service Date

Video Description

Service Jan4

Sermon – A Spiffy Epiphany – David Kai
Anthem – The Gift of the Magi – L. Larson

Service Jan11

Sermon – The View From the Mountaintop – David Kai

Anthem – I Will Rejoice, and Be Glad – J. Martin

Service Jan18

Sermon – Jonah’s Mistake – David Kai
Anthem – Healer of Our Every Ill – Norweigian folk melody

Solo by Christopher Shkolnik – Safe Within Your Arms – Mark Hayes

Service Jan25

Sermon – PVUC Men's Group  – David MacCutchan, Bob Martindale
Anthem – Little Light, Shine

Service Feb1

Sermon – The Grace of Giving – Guest Speaker: Wes Fuller

Anthem – God Takes a Path – Southern Harmony

Service Feb8

Sermon – C. H. U. R. C. H. – David Kai

Anthem – The King of Love – J. N. Beck

Service Feb15

Sermon – Mountaintop Experiences – David Kai

Anthem – Sing Praise to God – G. F. Handel

Service Feb22

Sermon – Everything I needed to know, I learned in Sunday School

Anthem – Sanctus – F. Schubert

Service Mar1

Sermon – Table Manners – David Kai

Anthem – Agnus Dei – J. Leavitt

Service Mar6

UCW – World Day of Prayer

Service Mar8

Sermon – Amnesty Service – Guest speaker:Hamid Ghassemi-Shall

Anthem – Invitation – M. K. Beall

Service Mar15

Sermon – St. Patrick’s Days – David Kai

Anthem – Fly Away Home – M. McDonald

Service Mar22

Sermon –Why Bad Things Happen To Good People – David Kai

Anthem – Were You There – L. Shakery

Service Mar29

Sermon – Palm Sunday – Encounter With Passion – David Kai

Anthem – Weep, Mary Weep – S. Hatfield

Service Apr2

Sermon – Maundy Thursday – David Kai

Anthem – Lamb of God – N. Decius, F. Christiansen

Service Apr3

Sermon – Good Friday – God-forsaken – David Kai

Anthem – Ah, Holy Jesu – J. Cruger

Service Apr5 8:30AM

Sermon – Easter Means New Life – David Kai

Service Apr5 10:30AM

Sermon – Easter – Out of the Tomb – David Kai

Anthem – When It Was Yet Dark

Anthem – Alleluia, Christ Is Risen

Service Apr12

Sermon – Doubting Thomas – David Kai

Anthem – Holy, Holy, Holy – Franck/Shefferman

Service Apr19

Sermon – Witnesses – David Kai

Anthem – Thy Kingdom Come – M. Sirett

Service Apr26

Sermon – Guest Preacher: Rev. Cordelia Karpenko, St. Paul’s United

Anthem – Stay With Us – F & S Brown

Service May3

Sermon – Everything That Lives, Laments – David Kai

Anthem – Brother James Air – Bain/Wilberg

Service May10


Anthem – Sanctus from Requiem – Gabriel Faurι

Soloist – Elizabeth Dodge Collins – I Love My Love – Anne Mizen

Anthem – How Can I Keep From Singing? – Arr. Bradley Ellingboe

Soloist – Stephanie Laderman – An Die Musik – Franz Schubert

Trio – Elizabeth Dodge Collins,  Anne Mizen, Sharon Zurbrigg

–     You Are The New Day – John David, arr. Philip Lawson

Service May17

Sermon – Ruth-less People – David Kai

Anthem – Great Mornin', Great Day – Spiritual, arr. J. Shafferman

Service May24

Sermon – Making Connections – Worship Committee –  Mary-Anne Pietrusiak

Anthem – A Peaceful Alleluia – J. Shafferman

Service May31

Sermon – Only Human – David Kai

Anthem – Amazing Grace/Pachelbel’s Canon – J Shafferman

Service Jun7

Sermon – Living faithfully in the in-between times – Rev. Maggie McLeod

Anthem – Called by Earth and Sky – P Mayberry

Service Jun14

Sermon – Home Shepherding – David Kai

Anthem – Holy, Holy, Holy – Franck/Shefferman

Service Jun21

Sermon – The Silent Partner – The Men’s Group

Anthem – O Beautiful Gaia – C McDade

Service Jun28

Sermon – Sharing with Marly & David – Michiko Bown-Kai

Anthem – River in Judea – J Leavitt

Service Jul5

Service is at St Andrews Presbyterian Church

Service Jul12

Service is at St Andrews Presbyterian Church

Service Jul19

Service is at St Andrews Presbyterian Church

Service Jul26

Sermon – Expectations – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Anthem – All is Done for the Glory of God MV#34 – trans. S T Kimborough Jr

Service Aug2

Sermon – Do We Want What We Need or Do We Need What We Want

               – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Service Aug9

Sermon – Turning “Don’t” into “Do” – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Service Aug16

Sermon – Why I Believe In Infant Baptism – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Quartet – Ellie, Pam, Bob, & Wes – In The Garden – C Miles

Service Aug23

Sermon – Choosing Jesus - If You Dare – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Service Aug30

Sermon – Quick, Slow, Slower – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Trio by Wes & Betty Fuller & Christopher Barker

-       To the Glory and Praise of God – R Redhead

-       He Is Here – K Talley

Service Sep6

Sermon – Just Suppose – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Duet by Helen & Phil Cox – Amazing Grace – arr. L Larson

Service Sep13

Sermon – Advice for Life-Long Learners – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Anthem – Over My Head – arr S Lee

Service Sep20

Sermon – Evergreen Lives – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Anthem – My Soul Cries Out (MV #120) – R Cooney

Service Sep27

Sermon – Four Great Reasons to Pray – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Anthem – Brother James Air – Arr A Trew

Service Oct4

Sermon – The Tests – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Anthem – A Communion Prayer of Thanks – J P Williams & D Petersonz

Service Oct11

Sermon – The Answer We Don’t Want To Hear – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Anthem – O Beautiful Gaia – C McDade

Service Oct18

Sermon – A Truly Divine Plan – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Anthem – A New Heart – C Berry

Service Oct25

Sermon – Three Things We’ve Learned from Job – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Anthem – Stay With Us – B Foster & S Brown

Service Nov1

Sermon – Reflections on General Council – Jordan Plummer & Sydney Hogan

Anthem – Let Your Light Shine – K Kaiser

Service Nov8

Sermon – Yet Still He Suffers – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Anthem – In Flander’s Field – Arr R Emerson

Service Nov15

Sermon – Hoping Mechanisms – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Anthem – Open My Eyes – VU#371

Service Nov22

Sermon – Back Door Mission – Guest Speaker: Don Macleod

Anthem – Called by Earth And Sky MV#135 – P Mayberry

Service Nov22 7:00pm

Sermon – Covenanting of Steven Davis – Rev Jeff Doucette

Service Nov29

Sermon – The Beginning Times – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Guest Artist: Ron Korb – Mozart’s Wedding – R Korb

Service Dec2

Sermon – UCW Christmas Service – PVUC UCW

Anthem – D’oω viens-tu, bergθre? – M A Caux

Service Dec6

Sermon – Packaging the Message and the Messenger – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Anthem – Lead Me Back To Bethlehem – P Choplin

Service Dec13

Sermon – Speaking of Joy … Today – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Anthem – Down To Bethlehem – P Choplin

Service Dec20

Cantata – Lead Me Back To Bethlehem – P Choplin

Service Dec24 7:00pm

Pageant – Stories From The Stable – Performed by the Church School

Anthem – Treasures of the Heart – P Choplin

Service Dec24 11:00pm

Sermon – To Be A Child At Christmas – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Anthem – Lead Me Back To Bethlehem – P Choplin

Service Dec30

Sermon – Mary Always Understood Best – (Rev) Dr Steven Davis

Guest Soloist: Ahlyssa Mundy – Dans Un Bois Solitaire – Mozart,

 Care Selve – G F Handel, Mary, Did You Know – M Lowery & B Green